Why do I need a travel nursing company?

At some point in your nursing career, you’ve likely received some form of marketing material from a travel nurse staffing agency imploring you to work with them. In this video, the Travel Nurse University explains why you actually need an agency and recruiter, as well as the benefits they provide.

Video Transcript

Why do I need a travel nursing company?

First, it’s important to note that it does not cost you anything to work with a travel nursing company. While you may be hesitant to jump on board with a travel nursing agency, understanding what an experienced recruiter can do for you may ease your concerns.

Recruiters at an agency will work for you to find travel jobs that fit your needs and requirements. Many companies have established partnerships with healthcare facilities and networks, giving you an “in” for jobs that otherwise may be difficult to obtain.

When you’re on assignment, your recruiter and agency will serve as your advocate and resource outside of the facility. Having someone whom you can turn to with questions and concerns can be a huge comfort when on assignment.

A travel nursing company can also provide you with additional benefits such as medical coverage, retirement options, bonus programs, and support, all at no cost to you.

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