How does travel nursing with a spouse, family, or pet work?

You want to make the leap into travel nursing, but aren’t quite sure how your loved ones—including your pets—fit into the picture. The Travel Nurse University tackles these common questions about travel nursing with a family, explaining how each can enjoy this new journey with you.

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How does travel nursing with a spouse, family, or pet work?

For many nurses, their pet is like a family member, and living without them for an extended period could be rough for both parties. Typically, there are pet-friendly housing options available near medical facilities, but this may limit your options when searching for accommodations.

Be sure to discuss this need up front with your recruiter so that they know to include it in their research.

For nurses needing to accommodate spouses, children, or significant others, larger housing options are usually available. This will likely increase the cost of housing, and limits the scope of the search, but certainly is doable with careful planning in advance of your start date.

In most cases, your agency’s travel and housing team is able to provide recommendations that fit your needs when traveling with a spouse, family, or pets. The key is to clearly communicate your needs to your recruiter.

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