Travel Nursing in Georgia: 5 Things to Know

Jul 5, 2017

Travel nursing in Georgia can provide many benefits for nurses looking to head to the warmth and hospitality of the the American South. Before you start exploring travel nursing job opportunities throughout the state, however, there are few things worth considering that make Georgia a unique travel destination. The recruitment team at Medical Staffing Options breaks them down here:

1. Georgia is home to over 135 hospitals.

A key thing to note about the Peach State is the wide breadth of opportunities available to travel nurses due to the large number of healthcare facilities. Many of these are obviously located around Atlanta, but possible jobs you may be interested in are spread throughout Georgia. There are five Level I trauma centers and multiple large healthcare systems of note, including: Metro Atlanta, Southeast, WellStar, and Northeast Georgia. There are also 11 teaching hospitals, including Atlanta Medical Center and Emory University Hospital.

2. The cost of living in Georgia is below the national average.

For nurses looking to make the most of their travel assignment from a financial perspective, cost of living is always a concern. Fortunately, Georgia’s cost of living is actually 6% below the national average. What’s more, housing costs in the state are 13% lower, on average, than the rest of the country. If you decide Georgia is the right destination for your next travel nursing job, the travel and housing team at Medical Staffing Options can help you find great housing options near your assigned healthcare facility. There are two options available to nurses when traveling with MSO in Georgia: company-paid housing or per diems.

3. Georgia is not a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact.

While Georgia is not a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact, obtaining a state license is certainly an option for most RNs. To get your Georgia nursing license, complete the application on the state’s professional licensing website. Submit verifications of licensure for your original state of licensure and a current state of licensure (if those are the same, you are only required to submit that single state). Also, if your state provides verification through, visit and request that the verification is made available to the Georgia Board of Nursing.

4. Travel nursing salaries in Georgia are on par with the national average.

For many travel nurses, pay is the top thing to consider when comparing assignments. In Georgia, travel nurses take home 10–30% more (on average) than their permanent colleagues. While travel nursing salaries can certainly land above and below this range depending on the circumstances of the assignment, this is a fair estimate to consider when exploring jobs in Georgia.

5. Georgia offers unique cultural and entertainment options for nearly all interests.

While many choose Georgia as a top travel nursing destination because of the typically warmer climate (the average high temperature for December through February in Atlanta is still in the mid-50s), the Peach State has something for everyone. Visitors can view priceless works at the High Museum of Art, tour the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, or hike the Appalachian Trail to see mountain summits, waterfalls, and breathtaking views. Sports enthusiasts can check out an SEC football game or catch the Braves or Hawks in action. For the foodie, Atlanta has a vibrant and diverse culinary scene worth exploring.

If Georgia seems like the right destination for your next travel assignment, be sure to reach out to the state-specific team of recruiters at Medical Staffing Options.

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