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Devin Bermudez

Nurse Recruiter

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Placing top nursing professionals into life-changing roles so that world-class healthcare services are available to everyone!

What do you do for travelers that you feel is completely unique to you?

What is your most valuable advice for the travelers you work with?

We win as a team. We lose as a team.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Sandusky, OH.

Tell us about your family (or pets!)

In April, my fiancé and I took in a rescue kitty. His name is Miguel, but we call him bubbs! His previous owners abused and neglected him, so we decided to take care of him until he was ready for his forever home! We love him so much that we decided to keep him in our family!

What are your favorite places to travel?

Anywhere out West!

What's your favorite food?

Tacos, for sure!

What is your favorite pump-up song?

Laugh Now Cry Later - Drake

What's your all-time favorite hobby?

Anything that is related to being by a body of water!

What's on your travel wishlist?

Who is your favorite superhero?

What's your favorite cereal?

What's the most played song in your music collection?

What household chores do you absolutely love doing?

Where's your favorite place to shop and why?

What is your favorite thing about working with nurses?

Why are you passionate about this industry?

Where is your ideal travel destination?