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How Does Travel Nurse Pay Work?

The most common reason experienced RNs consider travel nursing: pay. Travelers can typically earn higher compensation than permanent staff nurses. The Travel Nurse University explains why in this video, as well as how travel nurse salaries are often structured.

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How Does Travel Nurse Pay Work?

Healthcare facilities desperately need travel nurses to fill open positions and care for their patients. Therefore, travel nurses are typically paid very well compared to their permanent peers.

To attract travelers, these facilities need to pay an above-average rate.

Then add in the tax-free money that you may be eligible to receive for housing, meals, and incidentals. Some companies also offer reimbursements for transportation. This money is yours to spend however you’d like to pay for the costs associated with being away from home.

Pay attention to whether or not a contract offers signing or completion bonuses, if you can earn overtime pay, or if you can earn more during holiday shifts. When you think about everything that goes into a travel nursing salary, be sure to add together these additional incentives that aren’t usually offered to permanent staff nurses. Travel nurses are in high demand, so take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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