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How Does Travel Nurse Housing Work?

The biggest concern for most nurses considering travel jobs: Where am I going to live? In this video, the Travel Nurse University explains what travel nurse housing options are, who pays for it, and how the accommodations are arranged.

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How Does Travel Nurse Housing Work?

When working with most travel nursing agencies, there are typically two options nurses have when it comes to payment for housing. The first—and most popular—is to take a housing stipend from your agency.

The stipend option, which is tax-free, requires you to book your own arrangements. For many nurses, the benefit of this route is that, if they are able to secure housing at a price below the stipend, they may spend the remaining money on other costs associated with being away from home. It’s important to note that the dollar amount of your stipend can vary greatly based on the location of your assignment and your specific contract.

The second option is agency-placed housing.

For agency-placed housing, your travel nursing agency should take care of all of the booking for you and pay the housing costs directly—there’s less action required on your end, but you do not receive the tax-free housing stipend.

Both options have great advantages – choose the option that works best for you.

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