Time for a Change? 5 Benefits of Travel Nursing

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Stuck in a work rut? Feeling like a change of scenery could do you some good? Or, are you simply looking for the next move in your nursing career?

Believe it or not, you’re not alone. The demands put on the shoulders of nurses daily can quickly cause burnout. The same routine may fit the lifestyle of many RNs, while others thrive with an injection of variety.

The solution? One such remedy is travel nursing. While the highlights of being a travel nurse are well known—better pay (in most cases), the freedom to travel the country, and the opportunity to further your nursing career—many people still have questions about the profession. Let’s walk through some of the top benefits of travel nursing.


1. Great pay. Seriously.

In many cases, travel nurse salaries are higher than the pay rates of permanent, full-time nursing jobs. Hospitals understand that competition is stiff to attract high-quality nursing talent, and are often willing to put a lot on the table to attract you. Salaries vary by region—and even by state—so working with a team that understands local healthcare markets can be of major benefit to your search.

2. Freedom to travel the country.

One of the more obvious reasons travel nursing is attractive is that the profession provides an opportunity for you to experience different regions of the U.S.—while getting paid to do so. Whether you’re interested in the spending 13 weeks (the average length of a travel nursing assignment) taking in the palmettos of South Carolina, the desert landscape of Arizona, or the bluegrass of Kentucky, travel nursing gives you the freedom to explore.

3. Opportunity to explore a new city or region before you move.

While some travel nurses view the profession as an opportunity to experience new regions around the U.S., travel nursing also allows someone who is serious about moving to a new and unfamiliar area to “test” a market. Considering a move to Michigan, but would appreciate the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the region? Maybe you’re eager to move south, and would value the chance to make professional contacts in Georgia before officially packing up? Travel nursing could be just the solution you need to get a paid, 13 week-immersion in a potential new hometown.

4. Benefits and housing.

Benefits in a list of benefits? Well, yes—we’re talking medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as retirement saving funds. While all travel nursing staffing agencies are not created equal, the team at Medical Staffing Options (MSO) is proud to provide travel nurses with a comprehensive and versatile benefits package, no matter where they go.

5. You’re not alone.

Possibly the biggest concern for those considering travel nursing is the leap into the unknown. Fortunately, you’re not alone in this career move. MSO recruiters are excited to provide state-specific expertise—a great asset to you as you choose the location of your travel nursing assignment. Your recruiter will have access to MSO’s contracts with major hospital systems all over the country, and our in-house travel and housing team can help find solutions that fit your unique needs and preferences. What’s more, our recruiters act as a local resource for you during your assignment, having familiarity with your specific location.

Find the Travel Job that’s Right for You

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