There are many options to weigh when choosing a travel nursing assignment: location, pay, possible co-workers, and the credentials of the agencies you’re working with. But what if you could travel to a location that both pays well and is a great location for nurses, all with the support of a top-rated travel nursing agency? Then your perfect travel nursing assignment might be in Indiana. Read on for a few reasons Indiana should be at the top of any travel nurse’s travel destinations:


Reason #1: Indiana is listed as a Best State for Nurses

Zippia, a leading career and job search website, has released a comprehensive ranking of every state in the country for nurses based on salary information, job market competitiveness, and location. Based on these criteria, Indiana was ranked as #4 on the total list of best states for nurses. According to Zippia’s data, there are over 6,400 nursing positions in Indiana, with the top 10 percent of nurses in Indiana making $161,000 a year, on average.


Reason #2: Working with the best and brightest nurses

One of the most important parts of nursing is your co-workers, your fellow nurses! Nursing School Almanac recently ranked 3 of Indiana’s public universities in the top 100 nursing schools in the country. This means that many of the best and brightest nurses in the country are graduating from schools in Indiana and working at hospitals in the state. What could be better than working with bright-eyed, energetic nurses?


Reason #3: The nursing shortage is affecting Indiana

As you may know, the country is currently facing a nursing shortage. While different parts of the country are affected differently, if you travel to a city that’s acutely affected, you could be able to take home significantly more than a staff nurse would make. A recent New York Times article describes a patient waiting for care in an Indiana hospital, showing that these facilities are in dire need of nurses. You could be the nurse that makes all the difference for a patient in an understaffed facility – and you’ll be paid more for this decision as well.


Reason #4: Indiana’s cost of living is extra affordable

Looking for a travel nursing location where you can maximize your take-home pay? The cost of living in Indiana is 14% lower than the national average, allowing you to spend less on housing and food costs than you would in other states. This results in more money in your pocket at the end of your assignment!


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