6 Reasons to Consider Dallas Travel Nursing Jobs

May 1, 2018

They say everything is bigger in Texas. If you’re an RN considering a Dallas travel nursing job, prepare to experience this firsthand.

Dallas is big on just about everything: dining, shopping, sports, nightlife, cultural attractions, and more. Name it, and this Texas city probably offers it.

1. Cheer on the Home Team

If your assignment brings you to Dallas during football season (September through January, depending on the Cowboys’ playoff schedule), you can join in with the locals and cheer on the one of the NFL’s most popular teams. AT&T Stadium and the Dallas Cowboys are the heartbeat of the culture in the city, and games always makes for a fun time, especially when the home team is winning. Tours of the stadium—the world’s largest dome structure at a whopping three million square feet—are available year-round and include visits to the team locker room, the post-game interview room, and even the opportunity to step into a player’s shoes by throwing a ball out on the field.

2. Sample the Fantastic Food Scene

As we said, everything is bigger in Dallas, and that includes the steaks. When it comes to the food scene these days, though, you’ll not only find plenty of meat, but just about every cuisine imaginable. There are so many fabulous offerings that it’s going to take a lot more time than the typical 13-week travel assignment to sample it all. Maybe an excuse to extend? A great place to start is Trinity Groves in West Dallas, a complex with 12 eateries, a chocolatier, and a bakery—it’s a bit like a shopping mall, but with restaurants instead.

3. Go Behind the Scenes of “Dallas”

While there was never really a time when the city wasn’t on the map, the epic prime time soap opera “Dallas” is what brought it to life for millions. If you were a fan of the show, here’s your opportunity to take a tour of the setting of the series: South Fork Ranch. Walk through the Ewing Mansion, re-live some of the most exciting moments from the show, check out the gun that shot J.R., and more.

4. Explore the Life and Death of JFK

Sadly, Dallas in infamously home for a real-life tragedy, too: the shooting of President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963. You can practically hear the echoes of Harvey Oswald’s gun, with the shot fired from a corner window of the sixth floor of a nearby building that now serves as the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. This fascinating attraction immortalizes JFK through exhibits detailing his life, work, and death.

5. Experience Tranquility at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Spending time in nature makes for some great stress relief, and at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, you can enjoy a true oasis in the city. Stroll through over a dozen diverse gardens that include more than 2,000 varieties.

6. Delve Into Cowboy Culture

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is famous for its cowboy culture. One of the best places to experience this culture is at the Fort Worth Historic Stockyards. A former meatpacking arena and livestock yard, today it’s the place to be for rodeo. The stockyards feature one of the world’s few year-round rodeos, held on Friday and Saturday nights.

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